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Interior Painting Portfolio


Hunter Trueax

Nathan and his crew are incredibly easy to work with. We had a semi-complicated interior paint job with various colors in different areas of the space and they handled it with ease.

Any issue that arose we would hear about it immediately and it was handled.


Justin H.



I would absolutely recommend using [Allied Painting]. They were professional from beginning to end, showed up on time, and did what they said they would do.

Not a common occurrence with contractors these days. If you need home improvements, call these guys, you won’t regret it!

Jamie Crow


I have to say they were very professional. I was doing a remodel and they were the best company that we had work for us by far. They were very honest and gave us a timeline for everything.

They built a cover for one of our doors and we had people turn it away saying they didn’t know how to do it, but they did it and it looks amazing!

They also painted the exterior of our home and did a very good job. We will definitely refer to friends and family!


A Pricing Guideline For Interior Painting in Snohomish, Marysville, and Arlington, WA

Partial Interior Repaint in Granite Falls, WA

This repaint job was broken up into two parts to accomadate the holiday season. We handled everything in the stairwell and the second story of this 2,300 square foot home for what is pictured. This included, the stairell, the landing and hallway at the top of the stairs, a bonus room, 3 standard bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, the master, master bath, and master bath walk-in closet.

We did a lot of other work along with the painting for this particular job. We took up all the old carpet and installed new floors, re-installed the baseboard and caulked it in, built closets in the bonus room, hung tvs, installed outlets, installed the chair railing in the master bedroom, and we also installed a cat wall.

The painting portion of this project was priced at $7,100. This included all material, minor drywall repair, re-caulking the trim, painting all trim and doors, and painting the walls and ceilings two times.

Partial Interior Repaint in  Marysville, WA

Our client in Marysville wanted to upgrade their home in order to sell for a higher price down the road. They decided to replace all the flooring in the main living area of the upper part of this split-level home. The painting went down the stair but not into the basement nor into any of the bedrooms on the upper level. We installed the flooring and we also primed and painted all of their old oak trim. We made all drywall repair, caulked in their trim, and also painted all the doors, walls, and ceilings twice.

Additionally, the customer hired us to paint their cabinets. We cleaned, sanded, cleaned again, and primed each surface prior to painting.

The painting portion for the trim, doors, walls and ceiling was priced at $6,000 and the cabinet painting was priced at $7,500.

Full Interior Repaint in Stanwood, WA

Our client in Stanwood wanted to upgrade their recently purchased home prior to her moving in and make it her own. Once we spread floor paper and masked off all cabinets, counters, and hardware, we proceeded to spray the trim with Emeral Urethane, the highest quality Sherwin Williams trim paint. We set up all the doors and sprayed all doors with 2 coats.

Before starting putting paint on the walls, we removed all light switch and outlet face plates and filled any minor holes, gauges, and dings. Additionally, we made several drywall repairs. Above several doorways there were large stress fractures in the drywall. We taped, mudded, and textured to make the repair. We then primed the new texture prior to painting.


Every trim piece, door, wall and ceiling was painted in this 3,200 square foot house. There was 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, the pictured laundry room and office. All closets and the pantry were also included.

The project was quoted at $13,500 with all material and the drywall repair being included.

Let’s Give You The Home You And Your Family Deserve

We’ll guide you every step of the way.

(takes 1-2 min)

Exterior Painting Portfolio


Brian Bushared

[Allied Painting is] fantastic! They are extremely knowledgable and went out of their way to educate my wife and I on all the options available. They helped with color schemes as well.

They kept to the schedule they had planned and finished when they said they would. My house is the talk of the neighborhood. I highly recommend them!!


Tami Mitchell


After months of trying to hire contractors to do some work on our house, only to have them no-show or ghost us after giving us a price quote, Nathan and his brothers came through for us.

These guys are awesome. They were motivated, conscientious, and did a fabulous job. We will be hiring them for future projects for sure. Thank you, Nathan!!


Marco Baumann



Really enjoyed working with [Allied Painting]. Very respectful, professional and courteous. Will definitely recommend. Thanks gentlemen!

A Pricing Guideline For Exterior Painting in Marysville, Lake Stevens, and Arlington, WA

Basic Exterior Repaint in Marysville, WA

This house is one of the most common houses we paint in Snohomish County. We paint a few of these homes every exterior season.

For this home we pressured washed the siding, masked off all the windows, decking, concrete, etc., and then we caulked any previously caulked cracks or splits in the trim and the siding. Once all the surface was prepped, we painted the home two times, unmasked, painted all the trim two times, and then cleaned up. We also painted and installed new shutters for the customer.

A home like this is typically priced out at $6,000 which includes all materials.

Medium Sized Exterior Repaint in Lake Stevens, WA

This home has quite a bit more surface area than the basic repaint shown above. We also had an accent color on the shingles and a porch railing in the front to paint. There is also a 3rd garage door. 

We pressure washed the house, caulked all siding joints and any cracked or split caulking, repaired a few shingles, masked everything off, painted the body and trim twice, and we also set a new front door.

The project was priced at $8,500. This included the front door install, shingle repair, all material (except for the new door).

Large Exterior Repaint in Arlington, WA

This house was re-sided just prior to any painting work being done on it. This is considered a large repaint in our portfolio considering the three rooflines, overall surface area, and amount of trim. On the backside of the house is the largest exterior wall that is not pictured but took a significant amount of time and material to have painted.

Since the exterior was just recently re-sided, we only had to pressure wash the garage addition that did not get new siding as well as caulk the joints in that siding. All other caulking had already been done by the sider.

An exterior this size is typically priced at $10,000. This includes all materials necessary.

Let’s Give You The Home You and Your Family Deserve

We’ll guide you every step of the way.

(takes 1-2 min)

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