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Exterior Painting

Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Specialists in Snohomish, WA

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Extend Your Living Space For More Quality Time At Home

Nothing beats being able to relax around your home after a long day with a glass of wine, and enjoy the views of your new home. You deserve a comfortable and attractive space to wind down or spend time with your family.

Having a fresh exterior paint job gives you opportunity to enjoy the outdoors every day in the comfort of your own property. As an extension of your living space, it’s also one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to home upgrades.

Bring your whole family outdoors and start creating new memories around your brand new exterior.

Enjoy a unique exterior paint job with these upgrades:

Trim Repair or Replacement

Window Replacement

Door Setting or Replacement

Deck Repair

Tongue and Groove Refinishing

Deck Removal & Light Demolition

Junk Removal

Landscape Remodel

This is How Your Exterior Can Look

Stay In the Know With Your Exterior Painting Project

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A Pricing Guideline For Exterior Painting in Marysville, Lake Stevens, and Arlington, WA

Basic Exterior Repaint in Marysville, WA

This house is one of the most common houses we paint in Snohomish County. We paint a few of these homes every exterior season.

For this home we pressured washed the siding, masked off all the windows, decking, concrete, etc., and then we caulked any previously caulked cracks or splits in the trim and the siding. Once all the surface was prepped, we painted the home two times, unmasked, painted all the trim two times, and then cleaned up. We also painted and installed new shutters for the customer.

A home like this is typically priced out at $6,000 which includes all materials.

Medium Sized Exterior Repaint in Lake Stevens, WA

This home has quite a bit more surface area than the basic repaint shown above. We also had an accent color on the shingles and a porch railing in the front to paint. There is also a 3rd garage door. 

We pressure washed the house, caulked all siding joints and any cracked or split caulking, repaired a few shingles, masked everything off, painted the body and trim twice, and we also set a new front door.

The project was priced at $8,500. This included the front door install, shingle repair, all material (except for the new door).

Large Exterior Repaint in Arlington, WA

This house was re-sided just prior to any painting work being done on it. This is considered a large repaint in our portfolio considering the three rooflines, overall surface area, and amount of trim. On the backside of the house is the largest exterior wall that is not pictured but took a significant amount of time and material to have painted.

Since the exterior was just recently re-sided, we only had to pressure wash the garage addition that did not get new siding as well as caulk the joints in that siding. All other caulking had already been done by the sider.

An exterior this size is typically priced at $10,000. This includes all materials necessary.

Let’s Give You The Home You and Your Family Deserve

We’ll guide you every step of the way.

(takes 1-2 min)

A Process Personalized Around Your Needs

Experience a streamlined process with a personal touch. We take great care and attention to detail in every aspect of your project, from every stroke of the brush to every project update we send to our customers, to ensure that the finished result is nothing less than excellent.

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Together we create the perfect plan to completely revolutionize the look of your home starting with a color consultation.




Our in-house team of painters works diligently to bring your vision to reality




Sit back and admire the transformation. Invite friends and family over to enjoy your new home.


Chris Halverson

Great folks to work with and did a fantastic job painting the house. Very detailed and just a great experience all around. Would recommend them 100%




Your Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Professionals

Get the peace of mind you deserve by working with a certified, in-house team of interior and exterior painting specialists!

Deborah Stephens

They were very professional.

Explained everything and how they worked, how long it would take, price and other details.

I was very comfortable with them in my home and would hire them again. Highly rated!


Lynette Schmidt


Working with Nathan, Adam and Alex was the best experience ever! Very professional and friendly.

Nathan went beyond to help me get the exact colors of my previous house so I could have those colors for my current home. It turned out exactly as I had hoped.

Nathan’s attention to detail matched mine and I’m very picky. They are also very affordable. I will definitely use them in the future for any interior painting I may need.


Jamie Marie


Amazing company!! We had our house painted and we were very impressed with the process, professionalism, how thorough they were and the quality of work.

You can really tell when a company cares about their customers. I would highly recommend them.

They even do other remodeling projects.


Create A Unique Exterior With A Team That Puts You First

Start your journey to a better outdoor space with a partner you can trust.

(takes 1-2 min)

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